Timber Log Cabin‌‌

Timber Log Cabin‌‌ offers a bespoke range of custom built log cabins. The majority of our log lodges are produced using interlocking timbers. This implies they are anything but difficult to build, solid, climate verification, and with the correct consideration, they can endure a lifetime. Our timber log cabins are fabricated utilizing top quality materials, utilizing the most recent CNC innovation. This implies each piece is cut to perfection in order to build an outstanding log cabin.

Timber Log Cabin‌‌ at Timberspecs

Mobile Homes

Timber Log Cabin offers bespoke mobile homes based on your requirements – please make contact for more information.

Log Cabins

Wide choice of sizes, styles and finishes to suit every budget and environment. From small bungalows to larger family homes.


Timber Log Cabin‌‌ offers single and double storey homes in any design. The client can provide their own approved plans or utilise our bespoke design service. We have 20 design configurations already available on request. Homes can be built in any of our wide range of solid log options.

Your Requirement

Whether your requirement is for an easy planning permission option for a growing family, a self contained work space, a solution for older parents returning home of even assisting younger people to save a deposit and get on the housing ladder – Timberspecs (UK) Ltd offers a full range of beautiful cavity wall insulated buildings including.

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Chalet and Holiday

Club Houses

Flood Proof Cabins

Garden Buildings