Terms & Conditions

All orders are accepted under the following terms and conditions, which constitutes a legally binding contract.  Customers are advised to read this carefully before signing.  Orders can only be accepted by fully completing the Order Form.


Important notice for customers placing an order

Orders are accepted on the basis that the following information, given at the time the order is placed is accurate and correct.  Unless otherwise stated on the order form, the quotation provided assumes that the site is adequately prepared with required services laid on.  It is very important that on completion of the plan/drawings and the option sheet being finalised that the customer makes sure all the information is accurate and the customer is satisfied with their order as NO CHANGES can be made after the building has been passed for production.


All site preparation is the responsibility of the customer

If the customer requires advise on what foundations / site preparation they require, this should be requested by e-mail, or in writing, stating details of the site in question (preferably with photographs / drawings / sketch maps, etc).  Site visits can be arranged if it is felt necessary to understand a difficult issue.  It is the responsibility of the customer to supply safety fencing around the perimeter of the site. Timberspecs reserves the right to make an additional charge if the building cannot be installed due to poor site preparation.


Please remember that timber is a living organic product that will react to changes in the environment.  Timber is affected by the prevailing weather and natural aging can cause fading over time.  Some cracking of the timber components may occur (especially after extreme weather conditions) and this is entirely normal for a natural material.  Although this is not the case with laminated timbers.


Timberspecs Uk Ltd will provide an accurate quotation, based on a technical layouts / specifications provided by the customer.  In circumstances where a customer requires assistance with the preparation of technical drawings, Timberspecs Uk Ltd will arrange this service for an additional charge.  This charge is payable up front but will only be deducted from the final price, if an order is placed for a building from these drawings.


Under no circumstances do we remove asbestos, or items which we suspect to contain asbestos, from your property.  This must be disposed of correctly, with your County Council, before we begin any work on your property.


Any off cuts of timber left after the building has been erected can be kept by the client for log burner fuel.  If a skip is required for any surplus rubbish we can arrange this with a local company at your cost.  Surplus materials remain the property of Timberspecs Uk Ltd unless otherwise agreed.


On completion of your build our team leader will give you a handing over certificate which must be signed when the customer has checked everything with the cabin is in order.

The building foundations must comply to the planning application and the site must allow sufficient room for the build team to work within the designated build area and that any other work, such as electrical, gas or groundwork installations are completed before erection of the building begins.  Where ever possible you should allow 600mm (2ft) around the building, to allow easy access for subsequent re-treatment of the structure.


If your site is more than 2 degrees out of level (which most people can detect by sight) then we do not class this as flat and level.  If you can detect a fall in the ground level, it is best that the site is surveyed and a quote provided to correct this.  If we arrive on site and find that the order does not correspond to what has been quoted for, this will require discussion with the customer.  We will advise the customer of what is required and any additional charges relating to this (please note it is very rare that the information given by the customer is so inaccurate at the time of order, that additional charges are required).


Old foundations more often than not need to be relaid.  This is especially true where an existing base has been extended to accommodate a larger building.  It can be difficult to determine if a base needs to be re-laid until the site has been cleared.  Where it is found that a foundation base needs to be re-laid this will be discussed with the customer (regardless of who is erecting the building, the building should only be built on a correctly prepared foundation base).

This will be by the appropriate size truck or lorry, so please let us know if you have any access difficulties that the vehicle may encounter.  Also clear access should be provided to the construction site where the base / building is to be erected (quite often height can be a problem for accessing a property with large panels, lengths of timber, or logs, please discuss this with us if you have a concern).  If transhipping is required due to the clients difficult access this will be at the client’s cost.  If a temporary road needs to be laid due to soft access this will be at the client’s cost.


We will always try to adhere to a start time, where we can, although it is not always possible due to factors beyond our control, e.g. the weather.  We will always attempt to have sufficient materials available and labour to complete the task, if requested by the customer.  We reserve the right to a reasonable extension of time to complete any contract.


We cannot be held liable for any losses caused by, or due to, failure to deliver goods, or services by, or on, a specific date.  Delivery and installation times are best estimates and based on the information provided by the manufacturers and / or the delivery company.  NB if the customer has any special requirements in regard to delivery dates / times these should be passed in writing to Timberspecs Uk Ltd, so that this can be discussed between all parties to check if these requirements can be met.

This should always be checked by the customer, with their local planning office.  We do not accept any liability for costs incurred due to the incorrect positioning of a building, or structure.  If you are in anyway uncertain about the building regulations for your area, please consult your local planning office for advice, before purchasing your building. If our men have to rectify the foundations in any way the customer will be charged if any work has to be made to make them good.

Our Standard terms of payment are 50% deposit, followed by a 45% payment just prior to delivery (i.e. once the order is ready to leave the factory) for the supply of the building and a final payment 5% due on erection of the building.  We will send you an invoice at each of these three stages.


In the event that any issue arises at any time in relation to planning consent, or any planning enforcement action is taken, or any complaints or objections are raised by neighbours or any other third party, or any referral is made to any local authority in respect of the building, this shall have no effect on our invoices which shall be raised at each relevant stage regardless of such issue arising.  All matters relating to planning consent are your responsibility alone, and you will have no right, in the event of any such issue arising, to withhold or delay payment of our invoices.  Our invoices shall remain payable in full in accordance with these terms even while the relevant matter is being dealt with or otherwise remains to be determined.


All amounts payable by you under this contract shall be payable in full without any deduction whether by way of set-off, counterclaim, discount or otherwise.  If any payment is not made on the date due for payment then we will charge interest on the overdue amount.  Interest will be charged on a daily basis at the annual rate of 4% above the base lending rate from time to time of HSBC Bank plc, and we may also be entitled to recover any costs we incur in collecting the overdue amount and to do no further work for you until we are paid in full or at all.


Where it is impossible to complete all the individual elements of the schedule, due to factors beyond our control, then those elements that have been completed must be paid for in full.  Any outstanding elements will be completed at the earliest opportunity.  Delays caused by the customer resulting in us being unable to complete the schedule of work, cannot be used as a reason for withholding payment for any element of the schedule already completed.  Please note that the building and all materials remain the property of Timberspecs Uk Limited until all invoices are fully paid.  While any elements remain outstanding, we retain the option of requesting a pro-rata stage payment from the customer.


Our preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer to the account of Timberspecs Uk Limited as detailed on our invoices (this can be paid into any branch of HSBC Bank plc).  We also accept cheques or bankers drafts, made payable to Timberspecs Uk Limited.

An order for services can be cancelled at any time, up to the commencement of the contract.  The specifications are correct at the time of publications but are subject to alteration, or withdrawal, at any time without notice.


It is our policy to seek constant improvement to the design and quality of our products.  We reserve the right to amend or alter the specification at our discretion, when such changes may be deemed desirable, or necessary.


At the time of placing your order, we shall advise you of the guarantee supplied by the manufacturer of our product, building or structure.  We cannot be held responsible for damage arising from acts of god (e.g. flooding, earthquake etc), or acts of terrorism or war.

Shrinkage, splitting, cracking or swelling due to prevailing conditions (whilst we aim to use products / manufacturing methods that minimise these issues we cannot guarantee that some of these will not occur).


Following delivery to site, insurance of buildings and materials against loss or damage (excluding manufacturing defects) is the responsibility of the customer.  Timberspecs Uk Ltd shall not be liable for any losses, or damage (whether direct or indirect or consequential) however arising which may be suffered by the customer.


If you choose to erect the building yourself, or hire your own build team to erect the structure Timberspecs Uk Ltd will not be held responsible for problems with the erecting and / or completion of the structure.


As it is not possible to complete the contract within one day and as such materials will be left on site until the contract is completed.  Where this happens we will leave materials (wherever possible) in such a manner as to cause as little inconvenience as possible.


Timberspecs Uk Ltd has a policy of continual development and improvement and therefore reserves the right to improve specification without prior notice.


All dimensions shown on any technical drawings are subject to tolerances within the manufacturing process and as such the final sizes and dimensions may have a slight variation in the finished construction.

If any of the erecting team require any additional materials ie screws, nails etc Timberspecs Uk Ltd will supply these for the men.  Some of our customers in the past have been willing to purchase these items on our behalf which is perfectly acceptable but all invoices must be made out to Timberspecs Uk Ltd.  We will then reimburse the customer the exact amount on the Invoice.  All purchases made on behalf of any of the men must be cleared with Timberspecs Uk Ltd before the purchase of any item is made.  We require our customers to supply electricity in order for our erectors to run their power tools.  We request that power is made available for the erectors to be able to run their power tools and Caravan if applicable.  If mains power is not available on site we can hire a Generator but the cost of this would be passed onto the customer.


We would appreciate it if the customer could once a week drive the men to the Supermarket so they can get their weekly shop. If this is not possible we will arrange a taxi to take the men to the supermarket and back and this will be charged to the customer at £50.00 per visit.  This would be added to the final Invoice.

Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions