Mobile Log Cabins

Our Mobile Log Cabins are structured and worked to your necessities and to consent to the ‘meaning of a portable home’.  These affordable Timber Mobile Log Cabins are suitable and affordable accommodation for many occasions. Whether you are on holiday or looking to build on to your residential home, Timber Specs have you covered with our premium Mobile Log Cabins. All our designs at Timber Specs are entirely bespoke meaning you as the client can build your mobile log cabin to your standards and budget.

Please view our PDF Brochure and recent designs for more information.

view our PDF Brochure

At Timber Specs all of our Mobile Log Cabins are constructed and built with the best solid timber materials, with top quality, durable finish, our mobile log cabins are built to the high of standards. Making them just as excellent as our residential log cabins. our on hands team are here to guide you every step of the way, If you are in need of advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Timberspecs specialise in traditional mobile log cabin designs. These high-quality conventional, cabins are built and manufactured with authentic solid wood, giving you the Scandinavian mobile log cabin adventure.  Our traditional stylish mobile timber cabins provide space and comfort for all seasons, Stay warm and cosy by the fire in the winter and cool in the depths of summer. If you need drawings for planning permission for your mobile log cabin, we will supply these at £250.00
this will then be refunded against your order.


The modern era takes traditional mobile log cabins with a twist, keeping with the strength, durability and quick installation, our modernistic mobile log cabins offer a bold contemporary fresh look. choose large double glazing windows and doors to create a large spacious living area, letting the natural light in and helping you make the most of nature with minimal energy costs. Timberspecs provide multiple bespoke styles, materials and colour schemes for all of our mobile log cabins allowing our clients to take contemporary to the next level.


Choose your motorised log cabin with style, at Timberspecs we supply and manufacture many different types of solid wood and materials in a variety of colours. From white to golden oak, our uPVC woodgrain joinery chart will help you plan the perfect mobile log cabin home, enduring or ultramodern, Timberspecs can meet your needs with our huge affordable range. All mobile log cabins are entirely bespoke, eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials. Design your mobile log cabin to suit your requirements and fit your price range.