There are both legal and planning rules that have to be observed when purchasing and locating a Timberspecs mobile home.

The first essential is in respect of planning control. Before a Timberspecs mobile home can be delivered to a site, there must be either a current planning permission in place for the stationing of the mobile home on site to which it is to be delivered or a Certificate of Lawful Development establishing a long standing right to be able to locate a mobile home in the same place as specified within that Certificate.

A purchaser of a Timberspecs mobile home will be solely responsible for ensuring that these matters are already established at the time of purchase. A purchaser of a Timberspecs mobile home is also responsible for ensuring that there is a suitable and secure base on site onto which the mobile home can be placed. Timberspecs, for their part in the requirements for the lawful supply of one of their mobile homes, will ensure that the legal definition of a caravan, as set out above, has been met by the mobile home that is delivered to the purchaser’s site.

Timberspecs will also be able to answer any questions that may be raised by a Local Planning Authority as to their compliance with the relevant Rules. In addition, Timberspecs has obtained a legal opinion dealing with questions that have been raised in the past and will be glad to supply a copy if requested.

Opinion from: HARRY WOLTON, Q.C (Legal and Planning Consultant)